We have a lot of new products coming out!

You may have already seen the MC-1, Profilometer Holder, the Tight Clearance Wrenches, but we have even more out now and coming soon.

Profilometer Holder Baseplate

We have base plates for the profilometer holder. These hold and organize the profilometer set. We sell just the plate, to add to your already owned profilometer holder set. We also sell a new kit that contains everything you need. These are available now, click the title above to view.

MSD Distributer Clamps

We also have new distributer clamps for MSD standard and low profile distributers. These offer a deeper spot for the distributer to be held in. The ones out now are very shallow and barely give any support to the distributer. These will be available very soon!

-20 and -3 AN Wrenches

If you haven't seen already, we have -20 and -3 AN size wrenches that are being sold separately. These are for sale now in our store, click the title above to view. 

MC-1 Accessories 

We also are working on tons of new MC-1 accessories to help you measure in any scenario. Keep tuned we'll be adding more and more shortly. 

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