MC-1 Measuring Center Base Kit by Brad Lagman @QMPRacing

MC-1 Measuring Center Base Kit by Brad Lagman @QMPRacing

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MC-1 Measuring Center Base Kit

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The MC-1 base kit can measure piston skirt diameters and many more engine components such as lifters, lifter bore bushings, cam bearings, piston pins, and pretty much anything else that is round and up to 6" in diameter. 

There are additional add ons available that can be purchased to measure ring groove depth, compression height, dome thickness, and rod length.

The centering fixture holds the piston by the oil rails using v-block and adjustable centering parallels that holds the piston exactly 90 degrees from the pin for precision measuring.

There is an additional quick check fixture available that can allow you to measure a set of 16 lifter bushings, or anything else like wrist pins, in as little as 2 minutes. The quick check fixture allows you to do all this without having to modify the MC-1 from the piston skirt configuration. 

The accessory bracket that holds a Mitutoyo hole test micrometer allows the MC-1 to measure piston pin bores, rod pin bores, and rod bearing housing bores.

Another fixture is available to measure bearing thickness exactly in the center. 

All add on accessories can be bolted on at any time. 

MC-1 Base Kit Includes:

  • Measuring Center Stand 
  • Digital Micrometer Mitutoyo 
  • Heavy Spring Dial Indicator 
  • 2" Pro Gauge Table Height Dial Indicator 
  • (1) Round Ring Gauge (extras can be ordered)
  • Custom Name Engraved

Select which ring gauge size you need. You can choose 1" to 5". Any additional sizes can be purchased.

If you need an engraving, on the cart page you can add one.

Shipped UPS Ground w/ insurance. $250 flat rate within USA. For international orders contact us at

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